Health and Safety

We take your safety and our responsibilities seriously,

Here is a collection of the relevant policies and hopefully answers to some questions about riding at the property.


Mountain Biking activities take place on steep and rugged terrain with features that expose the rider to many risks, dangers, and hazards. These include but are not limited to: changing weather conditions; mechanical failure of equipment; falls; loss of balance; high speed descents; difficulty or inability to control one’s speed and direction; rapid or uncontrolled acceleration on hills and inclines; extreme variation in cycling terrain including steep or slippery sections, rocks, trees, roots, tree stumps, logs, cliffs, bumps, berms, jumps, and drops; collisions with natural and constructed objects, other mountain bikers, vehicles, pedestrians, spectators and officials; encounters with domestic and wild animals; negligence of other riders or users of Jentree.


Health & Medical

Mountain biking can activate or aggravate existing or pre-existing injuries, conditions or congenital defects. If you know or suspect that your physical condition may not be compatible with these activities please seek medical advice before undertaking them.

Prior to riding at Jentree, you agree, to advise us of any pre-existing or existing medical conditions that may affect your participation. You also agree to make and take responsibility for, your own decision to participate.

In the event of an incident that causes you injury, you consent to Jentree MTB providing first aid and contacting emergency services on your behalf.


Jentree Housekeeping

  • Use safety equipment as directed at all times.
  • Remain in control and within your ability level. You must be able to avoid other people or objects.
  • Stay off the trails if your ability is impaired by drugs, alcohol, or fatigue.
  • Inspect your bike or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic before riding.
  • Be sure to have the physical dexterity, ability, and knowledge to safely ride.
  • Be aware of changing conditions on trails and features. Inspect features before use and throughout the day.
  • Stay on marked trails at all times. Obey all signs and warnings. Do not cut switchbacks.
  • Keep out of closed areas.
  • Avoid riders ahead of you, they have the right of way.
  • Look uphill and give way to other trail users when entering a trail or starting to move. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  • If you are involved in or witness a collision or accident, you must let us know

Mountain Bike Checklist

Before riding, always inspect your equipment or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic to ensure that your:

  • Helmet is in good shape and properly adjusted.
  • Bike has front and rear brakes.
  • Bike frame has no cracks, damaged or dented areas.
  • Brake pads are sufficient to stop your bike.
  • Front and rear axles (skewers) are tight.
  • Headset and stem are secure with no looseness or play.
  • Tyres are in good condition, with no tears or cuts.
  • Handle bar and grips are tight.
  • Seat and seat post are secure.

Protective gear

Below is our policy on protective equipment, it is aligned with the NZ Cycling policy.

For all tracks other than the XC you must wear a full face helmet due to the technical aspects of the tracks. Jentree MTB Policy for protective gear

Health and Safety documents

Please read over the assessment and summary of risks while riding on Jentree, if you identify any new risks or issues while you are here, please let us know so that we can address them.

Jentree MTB Riding Risk Register

Riding Risk Assessment

Below is the full risk summary for the farm, again if you notice anything that you are concerned about while you are here, please let us know so we can address it.

Jentree Farm Risk Summary


For any participants undertaking a coaching session, we will ask you to complete a Jentree MTB Waiver