Key dates/events



Unfortunately, due to lower than required registration numbers the DH race has been postponed.

But the upside is on the 16th of December you can come and enjoy the Marlborough Mountain Bike Clubs XC race out here. Marlborough Mountain Bike Club – Jentree XC





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Amazing new partnership for an amazing new trail

WK partner with Jentree to form the WK Wonder Trail




We are proud to work closely with the awesome Marlborough Mountain bike club, so make sure you support them and the great events they have on offer. 

Custom Group Coaching

On Sunday we held our first custom coaching session for a group of very talented and driven young riders. They got in touch as they wanted to polish their skills before an upcoming race. So awesome to see so much young talent around.




Jentree DH

Dates are looking solid for a wicked weekend of racing on the 24th/25th of November. More info to come so keep your eye out.